Tokay Development

Lodi, CA

Home Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your new home is very important in keeping the quality of your home up. Performing regular preventative maintenance helps to preserve your home. The following is a list of maintenance considerations and tasks that should be checked monthly, quarterly, or yearly:


  • Test GFI circuits
  • Place ice in garbage disposal to clean & sharpen blades


  • Replace furnace filters
  • Clean sink traps
  • Vacuum tracks an lubricate hinges on all doors and gates
  • Clean tracks and weep holes of windows and caulk
  • Pest control service
  • Check landscape sprinklers
  • Clean window tracks and screens

Twice Yearly

  • Check rain gutters and drain pipes to make sure they are free from debris
  • Check smoke detectors and change batteries


  • Dust heating vents
  • Caulk and seal joints in bathrooms to prevent leaks
  • Clean clothes dryer duct of lint
  • Lubricate garage door
  • Drain water heater
  • Seal ceramic tile
  • Seal granite counters
  • Seal natural stone